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Connecting business owners to information and customers to businesses


When you make the right connections, it can help to turbocharge the efficiency of your business and take it to a higher level.

At The Ultimate.Network, we’re all about helping your company exceed its potential, and to help you partner with precisely the right people.

what our customers say

highly recommend!

"Kate and I have worked together in several collaborations both personal and business. I have always been able to count on her to provide detailed information as well as the follow up needed to make sure that everything is handled as expected. She knows her products inside and out and explains even the smallest detail fully. Her ability to generously connect people is one of her outstanding traits. She does this without expecting personal gain which is rare in this world. I feel fortunate to have met her and look forward to working with her in the years to come. I highly recommend working with and connecting with Kate."

Mary S.

an amazing networker!

"Meeting Kate was like discovering a hub to numerous relationships I had already established, but then it just got better! Not only did we discover several other mutual friends, but her referrals started coming at me as if she was my commissioned ally! I started calling her Kate the Connector, all to discover it was not an original label for her. Kate isn't just an amazing networker, she really does connect dots for people. During a headshot session at my studio, I swore I was talking to someone 30 years older. This energized, entrepreneurial-minded lady has a rich history that has allowed her more insights than the average card-passion socialite.

To be in the DB of Kate, is to be one click from about everyone you'd want to know! I'm honored to call her both client and friend, but it's her impact on my business that I rave about. Businesses and publishers that she's referred to me, continue to return as well as refer me to other businesses. Had I met her prior to my 16th year in business, I'd likely be writing this from my private island whilst retired!  Seriously though, connect with Kate. You'll discover that you're really only 1 degree of separation from a great growth opportunity."

Brian G.


Fuel your business...
with business enterprise solutions where people connect today.

We are crucial collaborators. Through a human-centered approach, TheUltimate.Network is a dedicated referral service linking you to professionals that take a holistic approach, assessing a company’s preventable risks, turning those risks into opportunity. We integrate the following disciplines: Legal, Human Resources, Insurance and Marketing. Our goal is to make a company more efficient by saving money, providing a competitive edge, and retaining top quality employees. We provide unexpected thinking with a passion for results. We don’t create, we reveal.